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Lighting Tips For Wedding Ceremony

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All things considered, receptions can turn out to be the most difficult piece of a wedding with the presence of such huge numbers of uncontrolled factors. You are stuck in a low light scene, compelled to work with the DJ’s light setup, and you have no choice but to adapt. Here are 10 tips to help you to conquer any conceivable lighting obstacles that get in the way of delivering exceptional images to your customers:

1. Evaluate The Situation and Place Your Lights

Stroll into the scene and address where the issue zones are; you are setting yourself up for success just by getting ready for what’s to come. Most lighting circumstances cause photograpers worry because of absence of readiness for the scene they’re shooting in.

Place flashes in the furthest corners of the room, where you know you will require a knock of light or in territories that require a backdrop illumination to haul subjects out from dim backgrounds. Raise them to around 6 feet to abstain from having shadows thrown from any of the situated visitors, and zoom them the distance in to keep any light spill.

2. Match The Color Of Light

There is no reason for including light if it isn’t the right kind. Match your on-camera flash and off-camera flash to the current light in the room. Contingent upon the temperature of the surrounding light (Tungsten, Daylight etc.), dial in a Custom Color Temperature setting in-camera to offset the light in your scene.

3. Light Modifiers

Since your essential extra light is in all probability going to be your on-camera flash, you should need to consider utilizing a strategy for diffusion so you won’t have solid features regarding your matters. Then again, you’ve set your off-camera flashes in the most distant corners of the room on low power as to maintain a strategic distance from any light spill and give you light direction. You have the alternative of gridding your off-camera flashes to make a more guided and directional light source.

4. Dial In Your Camera Settings

This step is left to preference since it will shift contingent upon your accessible surrounding light and the intensity of your camera. In low light circumstances, we shoot at around 1/200th of a second, at anywhere from ISO 800-3200. Your aperture is reliant on which lens you are utilizing yet remember you need a wider aperture to let in more light.

5. Bounce Your On-Camera-Flash Off Of Ceilings And Walls

Most photographers make the assumption that they are getting the most out of their on-camera flash by bouncing it off the ceiling. In most venues where there are low white ceilings this proves true, you may end up at a setting with dull wood or painted ceilings, in which case you have to make utilization of your environment and discover walls or items to bounce to your light off of.


7 Best Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

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Weddings are special so why get married in an regular place. It isn’t always obligatory to have a destination wedding. There are masses of exceptional wedding venues in and around Delhi you ought to take a look at out if you are making plans for a marriage anytime soon.

You’re finished along with your engagement and probably looking for a some super wedding venue for yourself? If yes then have a examine a number of the nice wedding venues in Delhi NCR and around where Singh Color Lab and Studio have shot.

1. The Umrao, New Delhi – The Umrao luxury hotel in Delhi is one of the nice alternatives in an effort to have your wedding. Set on six hectares of garden off the NH8 national highway presents you with the nice wedding venues. It lies simply five km’s faraway from the Indira Gandhi Inernational Airport. The spacious rooms and suites with warm decor make them special. The dinner party hall is big and the decorations performed at the time of the marriage is something that all of us should stay up for. Being professional photographers it became hard as well as exciting for the team to do the shoot.

2. Blue Sapphire – Blue Sapphire is some other cool choice for you in case you are making plans for a marriage whenever quicker in Delhi. The warm décor and the lovely area makes it best wedding spot. Singh Color Lab have the best professional wedding photographers in Delhi. The shoot was a exciting experience for all. The candid moments shot by the team looks thrilling.

3. Imperial Hotel – The Imperial Hotel has some exceptional luxury accommodations for all of the guests. The Imperial encases in its ancient hash structured building. The room classes encompass Deco Room, Imperial Room and Grand Heritage Room. They’ve adorable decorators who decorate the wedding banquets in an remarkable way.

4. Chabbra Farms – Chabbra Farms in Delhi is another best option for wedding. Every wedding is special so selecting the proper venue is without a doubt necessary. Chabbra Farms has an awesome location for the wedding.

5. Novotel, Aerocity– Novotel have made chains of resorts in almost every city that is nine minute stroll from the Delhi Aero town metro station. It’s a crimson sandstone tower. This location serves as an high-quality area for wedding. The décor and the cool surroundings entice hundreds of thousands.

6. Raddison Blu – Radisson Blu has their chains of hotels in and round Delhi NCR. Radisson Blu is so renowned that most of the people nowadays are choosing Radisson Blu for their wedding, mehendi, sangeet and other ceremonies.

7. Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund – Vivanta by Taj is an imposing Hotel located within the tenth Century reservoir named Surajkund in the South Delhi region. Vivanta is located in a locality with calm and forest land all round. It presents a strain-loose environment that welcomes travelers from around the world. Their lovely décor with completely furnished rooms proffer a welcoming air of mystery for your wedding guests. Vivanta can be the precise venue in Delhi for your wedding. Their best hospitality guarantees that your visitors feel comfy and at home.

Traditional Vs Candid Photography

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Wedding in India or any place is a unique affair. People want to memorize their extraordinary day. Wedding photography is the most ideal approach to catch the most brilliant snapshot of a couples’ life, their big day. Nowadays there is a trend for candid wedding photography which is catching fast. While this is a new trend, there are yet numerous takers of traditional wedding photography also.

Expect the unexpected: Candid is always spontaneous

Indian candid photography is a great blend of the old and new as it covers an exceptionally traditional wedding in new and diverse hue. It captures individuals when they don’t know about their photo being taken. Hence, the name candid. The photos are taken suddenly without organizing a scene. Consequently it is natural and gets a feeling of realism. The photographer moves around the wedding area and catches people unprepared as they approach the wedding rituals. It has turned out to be extremely prominent in recent times in spite of candid photography cost being higher than that of traditional photography.

Traditional is still a trend

In a difference to candid photography, a traditional photography would include taking down pictures of the people who would be aware that a picture is being clicked. This sort of photography is more informal in its approach.

Traditional photography enables the photographer to make the ideal situation to take a photo where everybody is giving their best shot. It additionally implies that the people who have to be in the picture can dress up likewise and pose which suits them more.

Candid V/S Traditional Photography: The Differences

While traditional photography guarantees that occasions are caught as they were proposed to, the magnificence of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reaction of people. It catches individuals in their most genuine feelings and draws out the sentiments of that moment through a photo.

In the traditional photography, if the photo is attempting to capture the newlywed couple, then they will be visible crystal clear and will be at the center of the photo usually. This is not the same as candid photography where the photographer can choose to pick one of a kind plot for capturing the couple. He may focus around a scene through a new position and utilize light distinctively to give a fresh perspective to the photo being more creative.

There is a distinction in the approach of a candid photographer and a traditional photographer. For instance, a candid photography will utilize light and compose the portrait of a person in a more informal tone than a traditional one. The last impact of the photo is additionally dependent on post-processing of the images and the photographers skill.

The difference between the two forms is in the way both observe a scene to be photographed and how they want to frame a subject in the picture and compose it. The difference could likewise be in the environment in which they prefer taking pictures and the use of light in them. With all the hype and excitement around the candid version of Indian wedding photography, it doesn’t imply that the traditional form is outdated. There are numerous takers of the traditional wedding photographs in India as it has been an acknowledged and traditional way of taking wedding pictures for decades.

In the two cases, the outcomes are quite different however relying upon the photographers ability, both styles of photography can give stunning outcomes. Some moments are best captured spontaneously while certain parts of the wedding benefit from traditional photography.

These tips will help you choose your Dream Wedding Dress

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Style Experts recommend that wedding couple should choose their dresses only after very thoughtful thinking, if you also want to have your dream wedding dress for the wedding, then try these tips.

Tips for choosing a Dream Wedding Dress

Marriage in our country is like a festival. On this very special occasion every girl wants her to look the most beautiful on this day. And the role of her costume in making her look special is the most important part. Style Experts advise that wedding couple should choose only after very thoughtful thinking. According to the designers, if the bride wants to pick the best and stylish Indian wedding dress for herself, then she can follow these tips.

1. Try Experimenting

Try different patterns and styles on yourself. In the bride’s dress, there are not only lehenga-choli, but saris, jackets, gowns, draped gowns and ghagharas are also included in the Indian wedding dress. It is very important to experiment to know your perfect look and best fit.

2. In Lehenga and Choli any one should be light-weight and soft

Don’t take both Lehenga and Choli heavy.  You can keep a heavy Lehenga and the Choli soft. You can even do the vice-versa. But keep in mind to not buy both of them heavier. You can try Jacket Choli on top and at bottom silk Lehenga which will give and attractive Royal look.

3. Ensure Best Fitting & Style

When choosing clothes for yourself, do not just keep beauty in mind, but also give attention to the comfort. On this most special occasion of your life, make sure you have both the best style and comfort. If your dress is comfortable, then you will look more confident.

4. Keep in mind the Embroidery and Colors

Choose the most royal but gentle embroidery and glass and silk in right ratios with Zardozi. Nowadays blue, wine and purple colors are quite trendy, apart from this you can also choose light pink color. Pastel colors can also be selected.