Traditional Vs Candid Photography

By July 12, 2018Photography

Wedding in India or any place is a unique affair. People want to memorize their extraordinary day. Wedding photography is the most ideal approach to catch the most brilliant snapshot of a couples’ life, their big day. Nowadays there is a trend for candid wedding photography which is catching fast. While this is a new trend, there are yet numerous takers of traditional wedding photography also.

Expect the unexpected: Candid is always spontaneous

Indian candid photography is a great blend of the old and new as it covers an exceptionally traditional wedding in new and diverse hue. It captures individuals when they don’t know about their photo being taken. Hence, the name candid. The photos are taken suddenly without organizing a scene. Consequently it is natural and gets a feeling of realism. The photographer moves around the wedding area and catches people unprepared as they approach the wedding rituals. It has turned out to be extremely prominent in recent times in spite of candid photography cost being higher than that of traditional photography.

Traditional is still a trend

In a difference to candid photography, a traditional photography would include taking down pictures of the people who would be aware that a picture is being clicked. This sort of photography is more informal in its approach.

Traditional photography enables the photographer to make the ideal situation to take a photo where everybody is giving their best shot. It additionally implies that the people who have to be in the picture can dress up likewise and pose which suits them more.

Candid V/S Traditional Photography: The Differences

While traditional photography guarantees that occasions are caught as they were proposed to, the magnificence of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reaction of people. It catches individuals in their most genuine feelings and draws out the sentiments of that moment through a photo.

In the traditional photography, if the photo is attempting to capture the newlywed couple, then they will be visible crystal clear and will be at the center of the photo usually. This is not the same as candid photography where the photographer can choose to pick one of a kind plot for capturing the couple. He may focus around a scene through a new position and utilize light distinctively to give a fresh perspective to the photo being more creative.

There is a distinction in the approach of a candid photographer and a traditional photographer. For instance, a candid photography will utilize light and compose the portrait of a person in a more informal tone than a traditional one. The last impact of the photo is additionally dependent on post-processing of the images and the photographers skill.

The difference between the two forms is in the way both observe a scene to be photographed and how they want to frame a subject in the picture and compose it. The difference could likewise be in the environment in which they prefer taking pictures and the use of light in them. With all the hype and excitement around the candid version of Indian wedding photography, it doesn’t imply that the traditional form is outdated. There are numerous takers of the traditional wedding photographs in India as it has been an acknowledged and traditional way of taking wedding pictures for decades.

In the two cases, the outcomes are quite different however relying upon the photographers ability, both styles of photography can give stunning outcomes. Some moments are best captured spontaneously while certain parts of the wedding benefit from traditional photography.

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