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Dslr camera setting for beginner photographer

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In this post i am going to tell you the setting of dslr camera or a mirror less camera you have taken recently.This will help you taking sharper and clear image quality.This will be the basic setting for you camera.Now days every month or so there is a new launch in dslr camera.I myself try to use every camera which comes in market for at least 10 days so that i can give you a better review but its not possible so i assume that people who have bought a dslr camera recently and don’t know how to setup you camera so today i am going to tell you some basic setting for beginner.These are the setting which i always put in every new camera i go through so that its ready to use and i could use it in my own way.


Starting with the most basic thing which i always start with a camera is “camera mode”I know its very confusing for the beginners to understand modes of camera. So just to give you an over view if you are a Beginner you can not use manual mode easily so what i recommend you is to shoot in Aperture or shutter mode. In canon you have it with AV &TV option, in Nikon has a different term so does Sony, Panasonic cameras but the basic feature is same .In aperture priority you just have to put aperture number camera auto sets ISO & shutter speed similar in shutter priority you just have to put shutter speed you want rest the camera with set up by itself (ISO & aperture). In this you have benefit that you don’t have to struggle so much for you camera setting camera does half work by it self. You keep shooting camera will do the setting by its own.So i suggest you to shoot in aperture priority mode & trust me  this will help you as before you might be stuck in focus setting & all .You could now be able to focus on your shooting with resulting in better images.


When every i click pictures i try to shoot them in raw format +jpg .The benefit behind this is that when ever if i have to edit the picture i could use the raw format of the picture because in raw format you have much more detail rather in jpg and when you are editing the picture you can play with details and many more things which is not possible with jpg format. I use jpg mode for random selection and just have the view of picture and raw format images to edit. If you are willing to do more in photography and do better editing you should start following this step.


Normally when you press the shutter button first you have to set focus while pressing half and then when we focus it goes down full and picture is taken.So what i do is using back button focus technique i assign the button for focus. So now the shutter release button will just take picture you don’t have to focus again and again the back button will be the focus button now the benefit are like when u are shooting a portrait  you and your subject distance is fixed you focused your subject once from you back button after that you can take multiple pictures without loosing focus unless the distance is fixed. This is one of the uses of back button focusing. I myself have been using this for 3 to 4 years and i still put up this setting in every camera i try.


When you click a picture at times its more at yellow side or blue. If i tell you in brief temperature of the image range between yellow and blue tones. Now if you shoot jpg format of image you have to put down the white balance effect you want. So as i told you before the setting of raw format because when you are shooting in raw best thing is you set the white balance in auto and when you have taken the shot you can rearrange it while editing the final picture (light room or Photoshop). You can also preview all the white balance effect available in you camera in Adobe light room. This is the best feature if you take pictures in raw format of images. I allways keep my camera white balance in auto and when ever i have to makes any changes i do it while editing it in adobe light room.


Coming on to the next point this is the biggest query i get to hear is when you click a picture it have a shake and blur effect that means your shutter speed is at lower side. In most of the situation what i do is you get a option in camera where you can fix the shutter speed it wont go beyond that. For example you are using 50mm lens so the shutter speed fixed should be somewhere 1/50 .If you go beyond that there are chances that you see shake in picture. So go to setting at set your shutter speed in a limit so that it does not goes beyond that and you have a sharp and clear image


Usually  when you buy a new camera and you try to focus you see boxes allover the subject and it focuses in any point and takes a picture what i do is i make a selection of single servo focus.In this option you can manual drag the box to to where you want it to be focused. For example if  i am shooting a model i will drag the box towards model eyes or nose this will not let u have out of focus pictures and camera wont focus any unwanted areas. So this is one of the most important setting if you want properly focused pictures.


This setting is mostly ignored by many people i am talking about metering modes. at times when you are shooting and you feel you have the correct setting but you end up having over or under exposed picture.That can mean that the metering setting in you camera is not set properly. usually  you have three metering modes available matrix/center weight/spot metering. Now in matrix what happens it takes an average exposure of the frame in center weight the exposure is also consumed from the center of the frame only 25 to 3o percentage of light it wont detect elsewhere for light.Spot metering is like when u taking a picture of a model you click the picture of her face and spot metering in on only the selecting are will have light rest elsewhere light is there the camera wont detect it. Spot metering will only take the exposure of the spot area and will give you the setting for it. So depending on the situation now you can take accurate exposure pictures when you are working of camera auto or semi auto modes.


Top 5 Wedding Venue 2019 West Delhi

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Today I am  going to show you Royal Ambience Party Lawn, Event venue in West Delhi NCR (medium budget)
It`s a beautiful, open and specious venue.All ideas around wedding planning revolve around the wedding venue. If the venue has the best banquet hall options, then it’s just a cherry on the cake. People in Delhi love celebrations and the city is brimming with banquets for wedding celebrations. I have listed the top once below with medium budget.

Five Elements Janakpuri                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This place is good enough for 125 to 250 people, Alcohol is permitted, Non veg is served.

  • Address: B1/631 – Janakpuri Metro Pillar No.567, Main Najafgarh Road, Delhi 110058
  • Phone: 070650 80001


Casa Royal JanakPuri

This place is good enough for 125 to 200 people, Alcohol is permitted, Non veg is not served

  • Address: Najafgarh Road, Janakpuri, Near Punjab National Bank, Delhi 110058
  • Phone: 091524 53722


Umang palace Banquet Janakpuri

This place is good enough for 200 to 300 people, Alcohol is permitted, Non veg is served

  • B-1/3, Najafgarh Road, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
  • Phone: 011 25509158



The Precious Moments Janakpuri

This place is good enough for 300 to 400 people, Alcohol is permitted, Non veg is served

  • B-1/627, Janakpuri, Near Metro, Pillar NO 571, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
  • Phone :098715 02800


Seven Pearl Janakpuri

This place is good enough for 500 to 800 people, Alcohol is permitted, Non veg is served

Old Pankha Road, Near State Bank Of India, Ram Dutt Enclave, Uttam Nagar, Delhi 110059
Phone :097177 75966




Best Pre-Wedding location in Delhi 2019

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You fell in love, You decide get married, dates are fixed but until now you are not able to find a perfect location for you pre-wedding shoot. Dont worry I have Listed top 5 places in delhi  which will be perfect for a prewedding shoot. Before the wedding season, comes the season of pre-wedding shoots. With the excitement of beginning a new chapter in a couple’s life and the cutesy courtship period, prewedding shoots are meant to capture the beautiful moments that would last forever. In this top 5 locations, you can easily shoot your photos and videos.

Garden of Five Senses


Tikli Bottom, Gurgaon

The Perfect Location Faridabad

Safdurjang Fort



Hauz Khas Fort

Best drones for indian wedding

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Drones are a Aerial aircraft without pilot. drone with no limitation to fly only depend on fuel capacity or the battery it running through. Drones come in very handy these days in Indian wedding amazing still. For drones you need to have a open area with no aerial distraction. There are many type of drone launched in India recently one should be proper trained before flying a drone or else drones are very easy to get damaged. In Indian wedding drones are playing a vital role but can not be used nearby airports. Drone captures audio & video which might not be otherwise possible for human.Before the drones which were introduced needed a lot to work on it but the latest launches have made photographers job much easier.I am listing out the best drones which could play a vital role in videography & photography both.

Snaptain A15


Syma X8pro



5 best dslr camera accessories

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Do You Have a Digital Camera/DSLR camera? Here are best 5 accessories /gadgets for DSLR camera.


Slider-mini: Ultra portable & smooth camera slider

This slider is portable gadget-pocket size which is very easy to carry. Now you will get amazing footage in figure tips with this device called  SLIDER-MINI. You could either control it manually or through Smart phone application.It could contain within 15kg. Now it will be easy to take incline shots. If u use the smart phone application for it you could also use the inbuilt night landscape mode its loaded with all new feature if you use it with smart phone application


TriLens – Complete set

TriLens – Complete set is gadgets which helps you carry three different lenses at one time. Changing lenses will be easy now and you wont miss a moment to be captured.This gadget will be attached to your waist belt. Changing lenses have never been so easy and time saving.


DOLLYONE- edelkrone

DOLLY-ONE- edelkrone  create linear or curved camera motions on flat surfaces & wireless connected. it also has build in WiFi module  for update in future. it has a super easy time-laps setting. This gadget also have a smart phone application through which you could control the motion of the gadjet


Power Junkie NP-F by Blind Spot 

Power Junkie NP-F by Blind Spot is a portable gadget for charging your camera. It additional 10hr of charging. It has a led indicator which lets you know all the information regarding your battery. It has 3 slots so you can charge 3 batteries  in one go.




BOXtudio is a portable table studio with  very good outcome comes with a warranty. It is waterproof and has a hd led with diffuser  lens for very unique result.


Best camera for Indian wedding

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Before I informed you guys related wedding videography now we are going to talk about Indian wedding photography.Wedding photographer demands the photographer must know how to interact with people at different situation. photographer should be very focused in what shot he wants and should be able to use proper technique to capture picture .Indian wedding as you all might know is full or ceremonies. To cover all the ceremony a  photographer needs something which could be handle easily no complicated handling.There are many camera in my head right now but there is only few i would share with u guys which will make your job easy in capturing multiple moments in one particular shot.I have made a list of top five cameras which will be very handy in Indian wedding.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Fuji Film XT3 Mirrorless camera


Sony a7R iii

Nikon D810



Nikon D750




The Final Conclusion

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The Best brand for wedding is Fuji films the resent launch of  XT3 has take fuji film on step ahead Canon.

So Fuji films launched XT3 in the market at 2016.  We tested it for videography & out come was that  it had amazing detailed image and unique color we got very interested in this camera.This shows that fuji film have focused in videography rather in photography.The feature  fuji film is focusing is Auto focus. The continues auto-focus works all the time just like face tracking very useful feature for Indian weddings. This camera has it all I must say. It has all the necessary  features to moniter the video screening. The electronic view finder is very useful specially when you are shooting out door in direct sunlight. Hand grip is a bit at a smaller side Evan after attaching the battery grip its a problem for big hands people. The battery grip is very use full which hold on to 3 battery so no problem or running out of power.There is not much to talk about because the camera does almost everything right.



Fuji film Professional Film

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This is also one of oldest and well known brand. Its known for its mirror less DSLR. Fuji film before use to deal in films, printers, recently this Brand has earned its name by creating some extra ordinary DSLR cameras.These Fuji camera has amazing griping feels great when you hold this DSLR. Some latest cameras in Fuji have a rotating nob to control  the exposure setting. If you are a new to DSLR camera its good But if you are a old user of DSLR camera it might be confusing at times because of the rotating nob. You also have small screen on the top of the camera which will remain activated all the time when you put the camera in function mode it displays the battery-life, ISO meter, camera setting and when you put the camera in non function mode it displays the space left for recording without even turning the camera on. Evf of these cameras are outstanding. The shutter mechanism sound feel great while you are taking a picture. Few qualities of these camera leave the other latest brands thinking.  4k value offered can not be found in few other brands. Therefore i must say one of the best option for wedding  videography. I have shortlisted top 2 camera in Fiji film section which give top results in videography.

Fiji XT3

Fiji XH1


Canon Delighting You Always

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This brand is very known in Indian market and is also preferred by many Indian Weddings photographers. Canon is not for the learner few setting might be not easy to get through but once you get use to it there is  nothing which can stop you from capturing any type of situation. Few latest releases like 90D -Eos  Mark 6 have amazing quality of video with best quality of color. Canon has been always upto the mark for videography. This is the top most preferred  brand in India for wedding videography. One click focus which is very helpful. Many type of lenses are available in market not hard to find. Canon DSLR camera has amazing build quality and safety of camera is always taken in consideration. In few Models you get 360 degree view of the LCD viewing. Keeping Indian wedding videography in consideration i have listed top 2 models of canon which is best for videography and also gives good result in low light condition and color pop up which gives the picture extra ordinary effect which is required in Indian wedding photography.

Top 2 Canon DSLR camera for Indian Wedding

Canon EOS R

Canon 90D

I am Nikon

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This brand has  always been mentioned when we talk about DSLR cameras one of the oldest and well known among the photographers. Nikon has been experimenting quite a few things lately which has put down the quality of the videography. Nikon has been under a tremendous pressure as the competitor brands have taken over the market. So finally Nikon launched Nikon Z6 which was the game changer. Nikon latest launch comes with full fame 4k video shooting option no cropping. Nikon latest camera has noise proof shooting and gives sharp and crisp  video quality. Stabilization virtual reduction is available in latest nikon camera which high video quality vithout shake. The latest launches has taken the competition of DSLR professional camera to whole new level. Nikon is one of the oldest DSLR camera manufacture as people say more time you give the more you know about it. Nikon was outdated in video section now it back with a amazing camera which is all in one shooter. I Have listed 2 top Nikon camera which will come very handy in videography in Indian weddings.

Nikon Z6

Nikon Z7