Canon Delighting You Always

By October 23, 2019Videography


This brand is very known in Indian market and is also preferred by many Indian Weddings photographers. Canon is not for the learner few setting might be not easy to get through but once you get use to it there is  nothing which can stop you from capturing any type of situation. Few latest releases like 90D -Eos  Mark 6 have amazing quality of video with best quality of color. Canon has been always upto the mark for videography. This is the top most preferred  brand in India for wedding videography. One click focus which is very helpful. Many type of lenses are available in market not hard to find. Canon DSLR camera has amazing build quality and safety of camera is always taken in consideration. In few Models you get 360 degree view of the LCD viewing. Keeping Indian wedding videography in consideration i have listed top 2 models of canon which is best for videography and also gives good result in low light condition and color pop up which gives the picture extra ordinary effect which is required in Indian wedding photography.

Top 2 Canon DSLR camera for Indian Wedding

Canon EOS R

Canon 90D

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