The Final Conclusion

By October 23, 2019Videography

The Best brand for wedding is Fuji films the resent launch of  XT3 has take fuji film on step ahead Canon.

So Fuji films launched XT3 in the market at 2016.  We tested it for videography & out come was that  it had amazing detailed image and unique color we got very interested in this camera.This shows that fuji film have focused in videography rather in photography.The feature  fuji film is focusing is Auto focus. The continues auto-focus works all the time just like face tracking very useful feature for Indian weddings. This camera has it all I must say. It has all the necessary  features to moniter the video screening. The electronic view finder is very useful specially when you are shooting out door in direct sunlight. Hand grip is a bit at a smaller side Evan after attaching the battery grip its a problem for big hands people. The battery grip is very use full which hold on to 3 battery so no problem or running out of power.There is not much to talk about because the camera does almost everything right.



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