This brand has  always been mentioned when we talk about DSLR cameras one of the oldest and well known among the photographers. Nikon has been experimenting quite a few things lately which has put down the quality of the videography. Nikon has been under a tremendous pressure as the competitor brands have taken over the market. So finally Nikon launched Nikon Z6 which was the game changer. Nikon latest launch comes with full fame 4k video shooting option no cropping. Nikon latest camera has noise proof shooting and gives sharp and crisp  video quality. Stabilization virtual reduction is available in latest nikon camera which high video quality vithout shake. The latest launches has taken the competition of DSLR professional camera to whole new level. Nikon is one of the oldest DSLR camera manufacture as people say more time you give the more you know about it. Nikon was outdated in video section now it back with a amazing camera which is all in one shooter. I Have listed 2 top Nikon camera which will come very handy in videography in Indian weddings.

Nikon Z6

Nikon Z7

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