Fuji film Professional Film

By October 23, 2019Videography


This is also one of oldest and well known brand. Its known for its mirror less DSLR. Fuji film before use to deal in films, printers, recently this Brand has earned its name by creating some extra ordinary DSLR cameras.These Fuji camera has amazing griping feels great when you hold this DSLR. Some latest cameras in Fuji have a rotating nob to control  the exposure setting. If you are a new to DSLR camera its good But if you are a old user of DSLR camera it might be confusing at times because of the rotating nob. You also have small screen on the top of the camera which will remain activated all the time when you put the camera in function mode it displays the battery-life, ISO meter, camera setting and when you put the camera in non function mode it displays the space left for recording without even turning the camera on. Evf of these cameras are outstanding. The shutter mechanism sound feel great while you are taking a picture. Few qualities of these camera leave the other latest brands thinking.  4k value offered can not be found in few other brands. Therefore i must say one of the best option for wedding  videography. I have shortlisted top 2 camera in Fiji film section which give top results in videography.

Fiji XT3

Fiji XH1


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