Sony make believe

By October 22, 2019Videography


Sony is well known brand but it recently got into DSLR camera .Few new launches like Alpha 3R & Alpha4R have remarkable performance  as these are full frame cameras which works good in low light. The designing of Sony camera are outstanding. The unique geometric design which looks very modern and gives amazing gripping. Sony camera are very versatile in all light condition. Auto focusing in these cameras are very quick. Sony has become one of the most innovative DSLR maker. You get so much setting options that you feel like going to shoot outdoor instantly. You also have auto time-laps inbuilt. Sony has become the the 1st choice for wedding photographer these days because of variety of option available. Well all the latest camera introduced in 2019 under Sony brand has given an outstanding performance in video section. I  have listed top to from all the option available which is highly recommended for Indian wedding videography.

Sony A7 iii

Sony A7R iii

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